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Firstly, a huge thanks to MPOW for sending me this product for review. Let’s start off this review with summer being just around the corner, but equally, the winter will be here before you know it.

With the recent developments in a more active society, there has been a boom in companies wanting to create products that are versatile regardless of the weather, which is a nice thing to see.

For all of those budding adventurers – this is one of those gadgets you might want to consider. There is something nice about getting out a portable speaker at a BBQ, or simply when you’re with friends at a lake. Whatever the activity, there are so many places a little speaker that can fit into your pocket can come in handy.

Now I know, there are so many Bluetooth products out on the market at this point in time, all aimed at those who crave the outdoors – so why would you consider this product?

Well, the Mpow AquaPro speaker was made with the adventurer in mind, and as such, it features a rugged design to withstand any small knocks and bumps which gives a little peace of mind.

The actual speaker is encased in a rubber green and black trim which makes it noticeable to the eye, but also easy to grip. Boasting IPX7, this can be submerged in water without any serious repercussions, although the deeper down in the water technically you do lose the efficiency of any waterproof product.

So, a rugged product with a very, very trendy design, the Mpow AquaPro was made to stand out when you’re out and about just in case it falls out of your pocket or you simply need that little extra visibility but it won’t look out of place in such a tech-driven world.

The sound quality is also fantastic with a great battery life and the price isn’t something that most will lose sleep over.

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