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Mujjo Double Layered Touchscreen Gloves Review

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I’m sure that you are all becoming aware that the winter is creeping up. I for one can’t stand the walk to work at this point in time! Which must mean, it is December. Today we will take a look at the Mujjo double-layered Touchscreen Gloves which are usable with any touch screen device.

What are they?

Obviously, they are gloves, but what makes them so awesome? Mujjo Double-Layered Touchscreen Gloves designed to keep your hands warm during those long chilly winter months, and they can keep your hands extra toasty because you don’t need to take them off to use those touch screen devices that seem to be impossible to get away from!

Why not use normal gloves… ?

Normal gloves aren’t touch screen compatible. This is due to the way screens register pressure; they require a special type of material to register any contact. Anything on the market at present that isn’t branded or targetted towards touch screen users, will most likely not work.

Are they warm?

These particular gloves have been developed to be as toasty as possible! Keeping those hands of yours warm during the cold winter months. As such, they feature a special double lining which keeps all of the heat in.

They have been designed to defy the winter months so you’ll never want to take the gloves off, and in all honesty, why would you need too? They work with all touch screen devices.


How much can you say about a pair of gloves? If they keep your hands warm and toasty what more could you want? Actually, there isn’t much more you could want, other than the ability to use your phone without removing the gloves. Which makes these perfect for every gadget lover out there!

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