Do mechanical keyboards help you to type faster?

By September 23, 2018 No Comments
For those wondering if they should take the leap into the world of mechanical keyboards, we decided to give our thoughts on this interesting topic.Due to the sheer amount of writing that we do on this website we are a fairly good test group for the typing faster theory. People buy mechanical keyboards for a number of reasons, whether this is for the better feel you get for typing, or the faster response times when typing.The question at hand though, can you type faster with a mechanical keyboard?No.

Mechanical keyboards don’t make you magically faster at typing and I personally didn’t notice a huge difference. On some days when I sit in the coffee shop and I’ve got my laptop more words actually appear on the screen!

I think the real limitation of a keyboard isn’t how fast someone can type? But the person who is typing. If you can’t flow the words onto the keyboard… well you get the point.

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