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In recent years wireless headphones have exponentially grown in popularity. Thus the market has seen an incredible influx of new products, but what do you choose?

There are so many products on the market with bold claims, fancy features, and intriguing designs that’ll leave your head spinning with indecision.

We think that there is no time like the present to invest in a pair of wireless headphones. Considering that most of the latest companies are making the move to wireless designs, take a look at the new iPhone 7 which features no headphone jack. In fact, there isn’t even an overpriced accessory to utilise older headphones (well, actually, there is, but we still think wireless headphones are really cool!)

So, what should I look for when buying a pair of headphones?
Unlike most review websites we want to educate our users on what good products actually are. How do we go about choosing them, and what to look out for.

It is our belief that with thorough investigation and research, anyone can make their own decision on a shiny new pair of headphones.

There is an incredible wealth of information on the internet and you should never simply take our word, or any other review websites word for it. Read the customer reviews on the website, after all, testing is much better with a larger sample of data right?

Now with a pair of wireless headphones, the first thing you are going to want to look out for is whether the headphones support Bluetooth or not. It is the most vital part of any pair of wireless headphones, so make sure you don’t get caught out.

Don’t get caught out by the fancy features unless you really need them. Sure there are products out there that let you swipe the ear cup to skip tracks, but are you going to pay a premium for this feature?

Our belief is a good pair of headphones should be simple, aesthetically pleasing, sound fantastic, and pack a huge battery life. If you keep your eye out for a pair of headphones that ticks all of these boxes, chances are you should buy it.

Let’s talk about some of the brands that are around… If you want to discover and research your own products. These are some of the best brands on the market for wireless headphones and reviews for the products we have tested.

    Sennheiser are all over the wireless headphone scene. Consider them if you have some cash to spare. They have a variety of products that sit very much at the mid-range price point (£100-£200) and the super high end price point (£200+).
    I discovered this company a few years ago and haven’t stopped enjoying their wide range of audio products. Designing some rather rugged products with well thought out features, consider them if you want something built for the outdoors.
    Have you been living under a rock? This company is one that everyone knows. Marketed as a slightly hipster product, there are a variety of gorgeous looking wireless headphones that’ll make anyone happy. Usually wireless headphones are spot on, and they don’t cost a large amount of cash.

If you want to make the move from wired to wireless, or you already enjoy the freedom that wireless headphones can bring you. This section of the article contains wireless headphones that we absolutely adore.

    First up on the list is possibly one of the most expensive pairs of headphones on this list. Sennheiser create some of the most bespoke, luxury headphones on the market.It is very rare you’ll see a bad review for a pair of their headphones. Something you would expect when paying such a large sum of money.Boasting some of the best audio fidelity on the market, these are the headphones for those that enjoy their audio above all else. Featuring a subtle design they look sleek, but pack a real punch behind the minimalist facade. As with all Sennheiser products, you can expect crystal clear audio with a no bullshit approach to promising some of the best audio on the market.Backed with an incredible battery life they really are one of the best pairs of wireless headphones on this list. We do however feel like it is worth mentioning that whilst they are pricey, this particular brand is known for the incredible robust design which will outlast your investment.
    After the interesting price tag of the Sennheiser Momentum headphones we thought a slightly cheaper pair was in order. The Jabara Move wireless headphones have an interesting design that really stands out whilst retaining composure.They are also incredibly lightweight and fantastic for those that enjoy their sport. Now, these headphones aren’t for the seasoned audiophile, but for the price there won’t be any complaints for those seeking a stylish yet cheap pair of headphones which don’t seem to be a burden on the skull.
    Back to premium with this top pick. Bose are known for creating some of the most bespoke audio solutions on the market. If you are looking to ditch the wires and enjoy a twenty hour plus battery life then these could be the next pair of headphones for you. Featuring a pretty interesting way of active noise cancellation you can enjoy music without the hassle of hearing the real world.
    Another interesting pair of headphones from a big name manufacturer. Sony are holding no punched with the ZX770’s which don’t cost the earth and have an incredible battery life.Designed around a lightweight design they offer a comfy fit for anyone who is slightly fussy about the weight of their headphones. But this does come with a compromise. Built for the overall experience these are simply a nice general pair of headphones.
    Have you heard of this company before? Because this pair of premium headphones are pushing 40mm drivers which pack an impedance of 22 ohms! Mind you, they do come with a hefty price tag.On the market, these are probably some of the best built headphones that you can buy. Offering one of the most intriguing audio experiences out there.
  • KOSS BT540I
    We chose this pair of headphones for the balanced audio that is on offer coupled with a low profile design that’ll blow your mind. Quite frankly this is just a very average pair of headphones that doesn’t cost the earth!This pair is fantastic for those who just want a pick up and go pair of headphones. Sometimes we can all get lost in the world of heavy headphones that overwhelm us with their weight and audio entrapment.


Active noise cancelling measures the external ambient noise and balances the equaliser to ensure that no ambient noise bleeds through into your audio experience. It is a fairly new technology that has grown in popularity significantly.

If you are somewhere busy the noise cancelling drowns out your environment, and the moment you enter a quiet space? The noise cancelling will adjust to suit the reduction in ambient noise. There are quite a few wireless headphones on the market that offer this functionality.

Sometimes you want a pair of wireless headphones for the TV and you don’t necessarily want a pair of headphones for listening to music out and about.

The big difference between a lot of the products listed below is their unique docking stations that allow for easy charging and a straightforward process for enjoying your media.

Wireless headphones for your TV give you the freedom to enjoy life without cables getting in the way. Without a cable there is no chance of accidently unplugging the device during your favourite show.

Dedicated wireless TV headphones also come with more functionality than your standard wireless headphones provide. Bluetooth is incredible, but the range and bandwidth of a powered transmitter means the best quality and more functionality.

Some of the products listed below have functionality like mixers, or virtual surround which can bring your audio experience to life.

    First up on the list is one of the most sought after companies in the market. They have created wireless headphones for the TV market for many a year.The RS195’s are at the more premium price point, and for those seeking a more budget friendly option the RS 175 might be a better choice. They offers some interesting features which allow for maximum controllability over the sound whilst retaining one of the most balanced and enjoyable audio experiences on the market.There are also some features which will aid users who are suffering hearing problems, so all in all a tough challenger on the market.
    Slightly cheaper than the RS195 there are a few features which have been removed, however, the R175’s offer detailed and accurate audio boasting some of the best performance on the market. Offering a super comfy design for users who are planning on hours of use, these are perfect even if you have glasses. It is a more budget-conscious option for those who aren’t after all the fancy features of the RS195.
    Worth mention just due to the large price difference between this pair and the high-end RS175’s / RS195’s. Currently worth around £80, they are one of the best budget wireless tv headphones on the market at the time of writing. Featuring similar wireless technology to its bigger brothers, the RS120 will work up to 100 meters. It is aesthetically pleasing and delivers tasteful audio. Offering up to 20 hours of operating time and a design focused around comfort these aren’t a pair of headphones you should ignore just because they have a small price tag.
    Boasting incredible range of up to 150 meters, these are fantastic for those who plan on moving around. With an aesthetically pleasing design and a charging stand that seems like it was made a few years into the future, it will look at home on any TV stand. Another feature that really sets apart these Sony headphones is the lightweight design combined with the circular headphone cups.But lets not forget to mention the dolby surround system which just completes these and makes them a product to consider them for your next home theatre purchase.
  • SONY MDR-DS6500
    Much like the RF985’s these headphones are among the most comftorbale on the market. Featuring a sleek charging stand and an overall design that boasts luxury, Sony have seriously done their homework when creating this bespoke luxury product.With a built in 3d listening experience out of the box and multiple channel mixer you can listen to a variety of audio sources. Having spent roughly two years on the market at the time of writing there has been an incredible amount of positive reviews of this product. Overall, if you are looking to make the switch from stereo to 7.1? This could be the pair of headphones to purchase.

Lastly, if you can’t make up your mind and want some buyers advice to find the perfect pair of wireless TV headphones these are the guidelines we try to follow when choosing products.

Digital or Analogue is an important question. Some of the products on the market will transmit audio through the 3.5mm cable or analogue connection. If you can find a transmitter base that supports digital output then you are going to get the most premium audio experience possible.

Battery life should not be overlooked. For those wanting to watch their TV for hours on end then you are going to want something that can match your tv addiction.

Adjustable frequencies are also another thing to consider. Often you can get interference if you have a plethora of wireless devices running on the same channel.

This section has been broken down to include over ear and in ear headphones that are rugged, dependable, and if possible, offer noise isolation.

    An interesting pair of wireless in ear headphones that comes with some serious customisation options. it is hard not to recommend these if you are someone who enjoys their running. Offering some of the most insane audio quality on the market, they also boast a reasonable battery life which will see you through any workout.
    No stranger to the fitness market. Monster have created a few pairs and this is their latest product on the market. Packing a five hour battery life with built in volume and media controls you’ll never need to get your phone out. Offering a sweat proof washable design you can rest assured that they are incredibly hygienic in comparison to other products on the market. The actual design of the product offers an ear hook style to ensure that they don’t move around during exercise. From an audio quality point of view, these are highly recommendable.
    Taking an adventure away from the audiohpile market, Sennheiser have made a few pairs of fitness headphones.These have been designed for those who enjoy their audio, and fitness. Featuring an inline remote everything is controllable without having to use a phone. Designed with an ethos of ruggedness and durability, these are both sweat and water-resistant. Unlike a few of the products on the market these have a neckband which provides a secure fit which is comfortable for hours on end. The nicest feature? It comes with a legendary Sennheiser warranty of 2 years.
    These headphones are somewhat of a stranger to the fitness market. Especially with the influx of random companies starting every day offering budget friendly headphones, sometimes a product like this slips through the radar. Unlike a few of the products on here, the Monster’s aren’t waterproof but do feature sweat proof functionality. Like most in ear headphones the sound quality is usually spot on if you can get a decent seal, and reading around reviews on the internet the audio is really good! Featuring a hook design these are built to stay in your ears regardless of how hard you hit the gym.
    Designed to provide heart tracking and a comfortable fit during those long sessions, this is a pair of headphones for those who are serious. All you need to do is install the app and away you go. There aren’t any additional heart trackers to wear on your wrist, or around the chest. Users have said how good the audio performance is and really that is all there is to say. For those who don’t want all the annoying cables, and want the best of the best, this is the pair of headphones for you.

    For those seeking lightweight headphones which don’t come with a massive price tag, the BackBeat Fit headphones might be just the pair for you.Featuring a rubberized design, these are built to withstand sweat and most water. It also means there is a decent amount of give in the headband when you are laying down, or perhaps have a helmet on. Users will also enjoy the fact this comes with an armband pouch which will fit most phones. Overall, this is a product that doesen’t cost the earth, but comes with some decent overall functionality.

With consoles companies often create a bespoke product for one platform, not both. In this section, you can find all of the wireless headphones that we recommend for use with the PS4. These headphones take advantage of the features that are available for the console and offer superior voice clarity when using the microphone.


    Created to offer the most bespoke audio experience possible on the PS4 the Turtle Beach Elite 800’s give no compromise on quality. Out of the box, you will notice that they have a premium feeling. With a matte design, the finish is subtle and does little to blow your mind, which is a good thing in our opinion.With a wireless base consisting of a gloss finish you can charge the headphones anytime and then roam around freely whilst playing games. Offering up to 10 hours of usage whilst gaming is fairly decent and should out live most people’s gaming sessions. The audio is impressive and boasts several built in equalisers to ensure that you are getting the very best experience possible. The Elite 800’s also feature virtual surround which adds to the immersion of any game. Whilst they might be expensive, they are well made, comftorbale, and will last you a lifetime.
  • ASTRO A50
    Moving away from the Elite 800’s the next pair of headphones worth considering is the A50’s. Featuring some interesting stuff like Dolby Pro Logic and a virtual 7.1 surround system the actual gaming experience is one for the record books. The bulky design of these headphones is combined with a comfortable headband and cloth ear cups. Overall, this leads to an enjoyable experience for hours on end that doesn’t feel heavy on the head. For those looking for the premium gaming experience? Don’t overlook the Astro A50’s.
    We have taken a look at the really expensive headphones but at the other end of the price scale you have the Tritton Kunai. Designed for those who are looking for a better audio experience without a massive price tag, it comes with some features built around enhancing the online chat. The bands are also sturdy and have plentiful amounts of padding to ensure you don’t suffer headphone annoyances during those extended gaming sessions.

Ready to get your game on but want to get immersed? There is no better way than a pair of wireless headphones. These products have been chosen because they can easily integrate with the Xbox One providing functionality outside of the original specification that is on offer from the stock headphones.

This section features any product that was built for PC, Xbox, and PS4. These headphones are the best all rounders, allowing you to pinpoint footsteps with laser accuracy. They also allow you to communicate with your team with ease, avoiding any comments like “I can’t hear you” or “You sound muffled”!

Sometimes you don’t care about the sound quality and you simply want an audio experience built around longevity. This section is perfect for those who are often moving around, perhaps travelling, or just don’t have access to power whenever your headphones could need charging.

These energy efficient wireless headphones have been chosen purely on their ability to keep going when the competition would rather surrender to cable.

A rugged durable pair of wireless headphones can sometimes be the biggest selling point for some individuals. If you like your adventure and spending time outdoors then purchasing a £400+ pair of wireless audiophile headphones might not be the best idea.

These rugged wireless headphones have been chosen for the purposes of longevity and their ability to take a few bumps along the way.

Some of us strive to find the clearest sharpest audio experience possible. We want to feel each note like the world depended upon it. For others? Well, they just want a heavy bass line and an earth shattering experience when the drop hits.

These bass packed wireless headphones have been selected for their incredible bass above all else, delivering an experience that shakes the foundations of the earth itself.

If you are like me, this section will most likely be helpful. For some, we are cursed with gigantic ears that feel uncomfortable packed into some of the headphones on the market.

The wireless headphones in this section have large ear cups which help to make the experience of using headphones nice.

If you are one of those people that hates headphone pinch or you simply want a lightweight pair of headphones for your daily commute, the products featured in this section are as light as a feather.

One of the latest trends is wireless headphones that have internal storage for music. This means that even if you don’t have your phone with you, there is still an audio experience to be had.

Sometimes you want the best of the best. Sometimes you want the best audio experience that money can buy. If you are one of those people who simply can’t compromise and you have the cash to get anything you want? We recommend these headphones:

    A pair of wireless headphones that provides a premium audio experience like no other. Driven using 32-bit audio processing and a dedicated phone application the sound can be tailored to your tastes. Built with features that allow you to immerse yourself into your audio journey it comes bundled with a variety of equalisers to create the perfect acoustic reverberation.Featuring an incredibly desirable adaptive noise cancelling solution you can enjoy all of your audio without the distractions of the real world. Something I’m sure we all wish our headphones provided! The audio is possibly one of the greatest experiences on the market. And with a luxury design these are simply one of the coolest pairs of wireless over ear headphones on the market. Packed with features that really separate the best from the average this is the reason why they come with such a premium price.
    I can’t count the number of times that Sennheiser are mentioned in this article. We often refer to them as one of the best audio manufacturers on the market, because they simply create some of the highest quality products on the market.The PXC550’s sit near the top of their wireless headphone range. Built upon the 4.2 Bluetooth framework you can enjoy your music like a wired connection. We love these premium headphones due to the impeccable design standards and forethought.Take into consideration that these headphones pack up to 30 hours of playback with the option for a 3.5mm connection should you run out of juice. Unlike some of the other premium products on this list, the PXC550’s feature some interesting microphone technologies that manage the active noise cancelling solution, and ensure your calls are crystal clear.Obviously the audio is impeccable and we think that the design is simple, but it feels rugged and well thought out.
    There are some very sweeping statements that are used in the marketing of this product. Much like the Lexus LFA they didn’t release this until they were absolutely happy with every specification. In fact, there is quite a large amount of information packed into the product description that you can be left with confusion.Now, the bottom line for this product? It really is awesome. They have spent the time to create a product that doesn’t necessarily revolutionise the audio realm, but they haven’t spared any expense creating this product.There are other features that are interesting, like the all liquid wood design, studio grade drivers, and a well designed soundscape that will leave you craving more.  In truth we could talk all day about these headphones, put simply, the marketing behind these headphones is entirely true. And look at that incredible visual design? These have to be some of the coolest looking headphones on the market.

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