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In the market for a new mechanical gaming keyboard? I got the chance to check out a new brand that I’ve actually not heard of before. I can only assume that this company is from China, named Ajazz, they create a huge range of products ranging from keyboards to mice.

The AK33 is actually targeted at those who want the condensed typing experience with the premium feel of mechanical keys. I chose the white model with a blue backlit board, and my first thoughts? It looks gorgeous, especially for what it costs.

It is actually rather surprising how much products can sometimes cost and look the same in terms of first impressions. For most people glancing past the AK33 they’ll think it is a premium piece of equipment.

My last impression was the overall layout of the keyboard, which rises slowly as you approach the keys further up the keyboard. Combined with the weight it feels so premium.

I’ve given my thoughts on how I think the AK33 is a premium product at first glance, but what about the most important aspect when deciding on a new mechanical keyboard.

The model that I purchased for this review uses the Black Switches. I’ll tell you right now that these do not feel anything like Cherries. In fact, a company called Zorro makes the keycaps for this board.

Now I did some digging into these particular keys as I was interested and it seems that not many people actually like them, and I can understand why.

With Blacks, Blues, Browns, there is some actuation force behind them. With this keyboard? It is very hard to get a feel for the keys and it almost makes me think that they are reds. Typing this review on the keyboard however, wasn’t that bad.


For the price of the keyboard can you really complain about getting a set of keys that aren’t real cherry’s? I think for those who are making their first jump into the mechanical keyboard world it isn’t a bad starter board.

We also loved the layout of the keyboard and the general feel of typing based on that layout. Everything feels very well thought out, and nothing is left to chance.

I actually preferred typing on this keyboard to some of the high end boards that I’ve had the chance to use. But, this is a subjective topic as always.


The general slant of the keyboard also makes the entire experience that little more enjoyable, and if you plan on typing quite a bit? Then this might be one of the best purchases that you make at a low cost.

So at the end of the day, this keyboard isn’t built on the gorgeous Cherry MX switches that we all love and cherish.

KEYBOARD: Anti-ghosting 82-key Qwerty Keyboard. Each key is controlled by independent switch.
Material: Aluminum and ABS construction, plate-mounted mechanical keys, and gold plated USB connector for hardcore gaming.
Easy to Operate: USB plug and play, no driver needed. Pressing by 19 keys together, no conflict, no slow, make game more fast.
Compatibility: Suitable for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP or later operating system.
[Anti-ghosting 82 Keys] Allows multiple keys to work simultaneously. Each key is controlled by independent switch, let you enjoy high-grade games with fast response

At the end of the day in this world you really get what you pay for. This keyboard didn’t cost the earth and it feels like it is spot on for the price.

I really enjoy how you can purchase a product for so little and have an enjoyable experience. Whilst it might not be to everyones tastes? Not everything is likeable by everyone.

The keyboard also looks really cool which gives you max setup points. Everyone will be jealous of the really cool blue LEDS!

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