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Which SSD Brand Is The Best?

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With so many different brands on the market it can be tough to choose one. This article isn’t to highlight the micro differences in performance, it is to enlighten you on what each brand offers. There are numerous things to consider before purchasing an SSD, such as the pedigree of the company, the warranty you receive, and the general opinion on that companies product.


One of the most well known brands on this list. Known for having multiple sectors they develop a large amount of products that are focused at the gamer and the enthusiast.


A well known memory company. Their products are mainly aimed at RAM & SSD, however, they have ventured into several other markets including the gaming market. Offering some of the most high end memory products on the market they are seriously worth considering.


Purely a memory company, Hynix are well known for creating some of the finest memory products on the market.


Another name on this list that focuses on memory based products they produce a wide range of value SSD’s. However, they have a number of products that are aimed at the performance user.


An unlikely name in this list. Toshiba started to create SSD several years ago alongside their laptops and usually the performance is on par with some of the budget drives offered by other companies.


Well known for producing some of the best memory products on the market, Sandisk is a frequent name when it comes to high scoring memory components. They cover multiple sectors around the memory niche.


For anyone who didn’t know that Samsung make SSD, they not only make SSD, but are widely considered to be the best creators of SSD in the industry.

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