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A guide to buying the best Inflatable Kayak…

By September 23, 2018 No Comments

Let’s talk about the origins of the inflatable Kayak, and some “Fear” that surrounds them.
Over the years they’ve come a very long way, and the modern inflatable kayak is an incredibly interesting product. But first, let’s dispell a myth, are they durable? Because it is a question that is asked the most frequently, and for good reason, things that are basically bags of air and the water? What if they pop!

But take a look at the world of white water rafting for a second. Those guys are hitting rocks, rapids, and everything that you’ll most likely experience on your inflatable kayak, but amplified by a factor of ten. So don’t worry! They’re made of rugged materials that can pretty much survive anything with the exception of a direct and incredibly sharp (almost knife sharp) puncture.

So, why would you even want an inflatable Kayak?
The appeal really comes for those budding adventurers who want to experience the water but enjoy the freedom of not having a Kayak. They are huge! Quite a few of the writers on this site also write for this travel blog and they love inflatable kayaks for the sheer portability that they offer.

It’s a great feeling to just throw everything you need in a backpack and be on your way. Far too often, when it comes to adventure and travelling, we get so caught up with everything. But the inflatable kayak is something you can just … forget about until you need it.

Why take our word for it?
This website has involved countless hours of research, but you shouldn’t just take our word for it, that would be absurd. Truth be told, there are so many “Experts” out there, we just find the common denominators, putting them all together into one easy to read list.

So we would recommend researching the product further so you can have that maximum peace of mind!

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