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Sony GTK-XB5 Review

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We love our portable speakers at Simply Awesome Products. They are great for leaving around in a bag for when you need to get the party started. This could be drinks at a friends, a nice BBQ, or quite simply you have a few friends over for dinner!

Whatever the reason for requiring portable audio, we really like the specifications and functionality of the Sony GTK-XB5.

Closer Look & Functionality

Unlike other products on the market the Sony GTK-XB5 is more of a rave machine. It wasn’t designed to simply blend in with the other products on the market. In fact it even has a strobe light with lighting effects!

The Sony GTK-XB5 was designed to be used in either a horizontal or vertical orientation. Depending on how this speaker is setup, the audio is optimised for the best acoustic reverberation and cleanest audio possible.

Overall, the design is sleek and minimal, something you would expect from this awesome company. Packing all the usual features like NFC, and Bluetooth.

Sound Performance

This is the part of the article that gets a little crazy. Inside the Sony GTK-XB5 are two 130mm subwoofers designed to shake the room alongside two 50mm tweeters. Just remember that most portable speakers rarely have multiple speakers!

However, all of this extra power does come with a price. The product is only usable on a mains power connection, and it is really heavy!

But at the end of the day this product was designed to shake the walls and get your guests dancing. The Sony GTK-XB5 does a good job of creating punchy room filling bass backed up with sweet mids & highs.


Sony make some really cool audio products and the Sony GTK-XB5 is no exception. I do feel that this product is somewhat crazy though! I mean, the raw amount of power in such a small package?

I wonder if some users will feel that the money is better spent on an actual 2.1 speaker setup which falls into the same price bracket. Because at the end of the day, this is a product that is only beneficial for those who don’t have much spare space, or don’t want to carry around a plethora of gear.

So if you are looking for something you can take to a party or BBQ, and you want to fill the room with sound? This is probably the product for you.

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