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Best PC RGB Lighting Kit

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Want your gaming rig to look a little more serious? There is no greater upgrade than go faster lights. For most, this will be one of the greatest purchases you will ever make. Modding computers has been around for years, but the industry has literally exploded.

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In fact, this is mainly due to the modders. Big names like JR23, Peter Brands, and so many more have revolutionised the industry. Companies have picked up on this demand for users wanting to be like their idols generating a surge of products aimed at the DIY modders who don’t own a drill.

One of the biggest things that people like to start with is the lighting of their cases. RGB LEDS allow users to inject a variety of colours into their rigs. Illuminating the world itself if you go overboard.

Most people like adding a little lighting to their rigs because it almost allows them to portray who they are. And obviously, lighting up those show rigs means you can show off those high-end computer parts.

NZXT Hue+ Advanced PC Lighting

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The first product on the list is one of the newest RGB LED lighting systems on the market. Designed to bring about simplicity and functionality that was missing from the consumer market.

Most RGB LED lighting systems were installed directly into power supplies, without much in the way of controllability, unless you had a degree in physics and were pretty handy with a soldering iron.

Hue lighting was designed to be a very simple system to install. Upon opening the product you’ll be presented with a sleek looking controller, which hooks up to the computer so the user can control their lighting through the OS.

The cool part about the HUE system really has to be the little design features that make it stand apart from other products on the market. Magnetically backed strips allow the LED strips to be attached virtually anywhere on the case.

Interestingly enough the controller supports multiple channels meaning you can go to town on creating some incredible lighting setups. All of this functionality is tied together with the control station software. Being programmable you can create custom scripts that change your lighting, and this can be based on virtually anything.

DeepCool RGB350

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Next up on the list is a reasonably well-known brand who make a wide variety of products that most users would have crossed paths with due to their budget conscious options.

The RGB350 is one of the most affordable products on the market at present, and it features two 300mm led strips totalling 36 LED’s. All of which is controlled with a handy remote.

Opposed to the Hue the controller lives in a square plastic box that doesen’t seem particularly aesthetically pleasing, but that won’t matter so long as you tuck it away in a hidden place.

Airgoo Full Computer RGB Kit

Next up is the Airgoo Full Computer RGB kit. Featuring two LED strips that are roughly the same size as the deepcool setup, they don’t offer the same quality as the HUE.

Each LED strip has a 3m double sided tape section to affix the strip anywhere in the case.

Out of the box, it comes with some interesting options but remains very much a budget friendly option that is similar to the Deepcool RGB kit.

Which RGB Lighting Kit Should I buy?

Depending on your budget it might be worth considering the best you can afford. The HUE+ is the best on the market simply due to the connectivity it offers combined with a sheer excess of product quality.

However, if you are on a budget? We recommend choosing either the Deepcool or the Airgoo RGB kit. For more information regarding these products please see our individual reviews.

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