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Which Corsair PSU to Buy?

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Which Corsair PSU to Buy?

In the world of custom gaming computers, the power supply is one of the most important components. It is the fuel that drives your gaming experience experience. Each of the power supplies that Corsair builds is designed to the highest standards.

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Corsair produce several levels of power supply aimed at the consumer market, all the way through to high end power supplies required for high end systems. Starting with the VS / CS / and CX series aimed at everyday computers you can expect a fantastic price with incredible potential.

At the upper end of the scale you have advanced series which can run pretty much anything you throw at it.

Corsair AXi Series

The AXi series is the best of the best. Designed for those robust systems that could brute force the pentagon or drive your 4k experience with ease. Raw power isn’t the only feature of these power supplies. Built with digital intelligence at the heart of the power supply it won’t let you down. AXi power supplies are designed with platinum rated capacitors.

Corsair HXi SERIES

 HXi power supplies are also targeted at the gaming market. If you can’t shell out for an AXi but still require a large amount of power? These are insanely powerful. Boasting other features like zero-rpm modes you can rest assured that this power supply is one of the smartest on the market. HXi power supplies are also platinum rated.

Corsair RMi Series

Corsair developed the RMi series to fill the bridge between their high performance power supplies and the low end power supplies. They don’t offer the same platinum efficiency that you can find with the HXi or the AXi, but they are built for reliability.

Corsair RMx Series

Sitting below the RMi series is the RMx series. They offer similar functionality without the intelligence of the RMi line. However, boasting gold efficiency with a modular cable set they are fantastic if you are on a budget.

Corsair SF Series

In recent years the need for smaller more powerful power supplies has been the driving force for an influx of SFX power supplies. Silverstone dominated the market for years before other companies decided to add their legendary twist to the form factor. Boasting Japanese made capacitors, gold rated efficiency, and an interesting Zero RPM mode for silent operation.

CS, CX and CX-M Series

Lastly, the budget range. These power supplies offer a pretty interesting power output and should run most low end gaming rigs. Don’t expect them to run any SLI rigs but they will suit the majority of people!

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