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HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer Review

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Interested in purchasing the sprocket portable photo printer for your next adventure? For those of you who are old enough, including myself, I remember having to go to the photo store to get my photos printed. Then the digital era became a thing and everyone wanted to put their photos on the internet, but now people are more interested in printing their photos, but what about if you want to print on the go?

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First Look

Upon our first thoughts, the main thing to take away from the HP sprocket is small form factor. It makes it easy to take out and and about, whether you need to put it in your coat or in a pair of jeans. They designed it this way so you can capture the moment regardless of the location.


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Ease of Use

Using this product is incredibly simple. Because it integrates with a mobile phone, there is just a single application that needs installing before you can start to print those photos. Once you have the app on your phone connect to the HP sprocket via Bluetooth, and within seconds you can get printing.


There has been nothing but praise for the portability that this product offers users. Weighing in at just 6.1 ounces what isn’t to like? This is one of the lightest and smallest portable printers on the market. Even with the size you can still print a number of photos without requiring a recharge.

Photo Quality

With the HP Sprocket there is no time spent waiting for photos to dry. The printer paper already contains the colours and each pixel is heated to reveal the colour. What this means? You don’t require replacement inks, or anything other than a pack of paper. Generally users are incredibly impressed with the printing quality and whilst the photos are only 2″ x 3″ they aren’t exactly huge prints, but for those looking for an easy way to keep a hold of the memories that they hold close to their chest, this could be one of the best products on the market.


From a durability pointy of view the only real downside is that the product is entirely gloss. This means it might be more prone to scratching than something which has a rubberised exterior or a matte finish. I thought this was a slight oversight considering the portability of the product, but if you take good care of it, then it should stay looking super cool!


I think that everyone who has heard about the HP Sprocket was intruiged by the potential for printing on the go. And I think this is the biggest selling point of the product, print on the go. Whether that memory is from your child taking their first steps or the time you took the pretty girl out on a date, whom is now your wife. There are so many little memories that people in life that people can often forget about and I think that is the real reason this product exists.

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