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Coolermaster USP 100 Review

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For those seeking something on the cheaper side for their next pc gaming chassis, this might be a case for you. The USP 100 is not a very common case, which actually makes me like it even more.

This case really is a no thrills case that offers the bare basics that are required for building a gaming PC. Nothing more, nothing less. Sporting two interesting colour schemes you can feel super cool with the matte black setup, or perhaps a Ferrari red?

Now, whilst this case is very no thrills, it has been designed with buildability in mind:


  • Fully meshed front panel provides super ventilation to maintain continuous cooling.
  • Bottom fan installation to reinforce airflow performance.
  • Spacious interior supports high-end CPU coolers and VGA cards.
  • PSU placed at the bottom creates the independent cooling environment for power supply system.
  • Retaining hole for easy CPU cooler installation.
  • Cable management for quick and clean cable routing.
  • Front I/O panel for easy access.
  • Tool-free design for simple installation and upgrade.


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The Coolermaster USP 100 offers some interesting design features which are seen on some of the most high-end gaming chassis that you can buy. Internally the sub frame is a very standard Coolermaster setup, boasting a large amount of space for expandability through hard drives and 5 1/2″ drives. We found the depth of this case to be acceptable for those who are wanting to install fairly large CPU coolers.

For those first time builders out there we are happy to note this case is tool-less!


If you don’t have a massive budget, or the rig you are running isn’t producing an insane amount of heat then this could be something to consider.

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