Best HDMI Switch with IR Remote

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Are you ready to take a journey into the world of HDMI switches?

With so many products on the market, our lives are now so full of choice and finding the best HDMI switch can be tough. They are useful for those who have a huge amount of HDMI based equipment connected to their home theatre systems but have a limited amount of HDMI ports. These devices enable you to connect multiple devices to the switch, then you only have one cable running into your device.

Some of these devices also allow for the complete opposite. Splitting one output to two places, which could be beneficial if you have a TV and a Projector and want to run one line out of your Blu Ray player. It does make life easier in some respects.


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If you are looking for a device that enables two routings. Either one device to two output devices or two devices into one output device.

The AUKEY HDMI switch offers a solution that is simplistic and minimal.
Out of the box, it supports 4K and 3D signals, which means no signal loss, getting the most out of your high-definition devices.

To switch the outputs, you simply press the button on the device. Built from a solid metal shell, the device has longevity at the core of its design principle.

While this product does not come with a remote, we thought that it was worth a mention due to the fantastic price.

Zettaguard HDMI Switch

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If you are looking for the ultimate HDMI switch, this might be the best on the market. Built with simplistic compact aesthetics, it can virtually fit anywhere.

There are various LEDS which let you know what channels you are currently using, and the devices that are connected or not connected.

What sets apart this device from the rest of the HDMI switches in this article? The Picture in Picture mode allows you to view multiple sources at the same time, which might seem crazy, but who cares!

Everything is controllable using the remote control which is a nice touch. And the HDMI switch itself supports 4K / 2K.

One of our favourites. And the reviews found on the internet suggest the same.

Kinivo 301BN Hdmi Switch

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This particular model enables users to convert three inputs into one, or vice versa. Once you receive the product all you need to do is plug in the mains adapter. Not very many products on the market will let you power the switch without mains due to the limitations of HDMI carrying power.

The first key feature on this HDMI switch worth mention is the LED status indicator. Essentially, this lets you know exactly what input you are using.

It is worth mentioning that this product only comes with the switch. There are no additional cables included, but at a price like this you can’t complain.

The 301BN supports all of the usual stuff including transmitting 3d data. A nice choice for the price!

Kinivo 501BN HDMI Switch

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The 501BN is the five port model of the 301BN. Most of the same statements really stand true still. However, more devices can be connected to the switch.

If you have a serious requirement for maximum connectivity, then this is one of those devices that you need to consider.

On the market, there aren’t many five port switches, and surprisingly the price isn’t exactly a huge leap from the three-port model.

So, once again. If you are looking for something, you can connect everything to? The 501BN should be on your short list.

So, What HDMI Switch Should You Buy?


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