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Best Mouse Mat For CS GO?

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I enjoy a good game of Counter Strike, which got me thinking, what is the best mouse mat for CS GO?

I wanted to start off looking at how the pro players actually play and what I discovered was actually rather interesting. Most gamers will often crank up the sensitivity and want the fastest reaction speed they can get but this is actually not the best way to play first person shooters.

Most competitive players set their mice to an incredibly low sensitivity and utilise the full extent of the mouse mat to ensure maximum accuracy. Thus if you are looking to become a pro, you’ll need the largest mouse mats on the market.

SteelSeries QcK Heavy Gaming Mouse Pad

Qck Heavy +

I can still remember the day when I bought by first  SteelSeries QcK Heavy gaming mouse mat. I actually didn’t realise how big it was until I removed it from the packaging and placed it upon my desk. The product is one of the largest most rugged products in this list, featuring an incredibly dense layer of foam and rubber.

Because of the thickness of the Qck Heavy, it helps to smooth out your experience when gaming on uneven or bumpy surfaces making it perfect for taking to LAN parties. The smooth surface on the top of the mouse mat is perfect for long gaming sessions and I’ve never had a problem with my QCK Heavy

SteelSeries QcK XXL Heavy Gaming Mouse Pad


Now at this point of the article, you might be wondering why we would recommend another SteelSeries product. In my eyes they are one of the most phenomenal companies out there in the gaming sector.

The SteelSeries XXL gaming mouse mat is very similar to the QCK Heavy, however, it is much larger. Because of the additional space on the mouse mat, you can also place your keyboard on it.

Personally, this is the one I would choose if I had more space on my desk!  It is perfect for those seeking the complete solution. However, I wouldn’t recommend it for the LAN goers!

Cmhoo XXL Professional Large Mouse Pad


If you are on a tight budget this might be the mouse mat for you. The Cmhoo XXL is a huge cloth mouse mat that will accommodate any play style and fit perfectly within any gaming setup. It features an anti-slip base and is 3mm thick which helps to alleviate any minor bumps in the surface of your desk.

As an added bonus the Cmhoo also comes with stitched corners to prevent any peeling of the top surface from the layer underneath. It also features the all important anti-slip technology that gamers crave!

Oittm Mouse Pad Extended Gaming Mouse Mat XXL



The Oittm mouse pad might be one of the cheapest products on our list. A perfect mouse mat for CS Go it features a large amount of surface area to make those all important shots count. The product also features stitched corners to ensure that it lasts for a longer period of time, you could say this product was made to survive anything you can throw at it.

For more gaming mouse mats built for CS GO, we highly recommend browsing the reviews on this website or taking a look at the products on Amazon.

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