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HAVIT Customizable RGB LED Backlit Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

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With so many keyboard companies coming onto the scene, Havit are one of the brands that seem to be producing some solid products at a decent price range. Now, at the time of writing this the keyboard is little pricey sitting at £94.99 so we are going to expect a huge amount of functionality and longevity for a product like this.

Built on brown switches from the company Khali, you get a feeling of tactical responsiveness without feeling like the keys are hard to press. Which is a nice feeling! However, if you don’t like the feeling of Cherry MX red’s bare in mind these do feel very similar.

The product is finished in matte, which is nice as most of the gloss products can lose that shiney finish very quickly. I think that the real selling point that most people are going to be interested in is the RGB nature of the keyboard, providing every colour of the rainbow at the touch of a button.

Havit 3 Havit 2 Havit 1


Cord Length:1.8m/70.87inches
Standard Keys:104
Multimedia keys:6
Key Switch:Brown switch
Operating Force:50~60g
Net Weight:1200g
Service Life>50 million key operations
Operating Current:150mA
Operating Voltage:5V
Compatibility:Windows Vista/Win 7/Win 8/Win 10/Mac OS
Win key deactivation:Fn + Win key

Full 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty


We think that if you have the money to spare and really want RGB’s then this is a solid choice. But if you are wanting solid performance? There are so many products on the market that are built on Cherry MX switches, which are hands down much better performers.

If the price was a little lower, this product would be an instant buy for me. However, sitting at £94.99 at the time of writing makes you want to lean towards either something else?

Either way, you can check it out on Amazon here:

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