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Are Razer Laptops Worth It?

By December 27, 2016 No Comments

With so many products on the market when a new contender comes to the game, there is always that voice of doubt in our minds, is it worth it?

Razer has a long standing name made from creating products for the gamer, by the gamer. Their entire ethos revolves around creating really cool products, sorta like Apple.

One question flew straight into our inbox and we had to give our opinion on it. Are Razer Laptops Worth It?

Now this is a sorta tricky question to answer, as the Razer laptops fall into their own little niche. They aren’t designed to be the biggest most brutal laptops on the market able to destroy everything with 200FPS.

In fact, the Razer laptops fall into a little niche that we think is awesome. Portable gaming laptops that are actually portable. Packing some serious hardware, alongside a dedicated GPU they can play games anywhere, but also transform into a laptop that you can do your college work on.

As with any gaming laptop, there is a premium to pay. But with the Razer laptops the money has been spent taking things to another level. With the newest generation of Razer blades offering a core i7 in a 14″ shell, it isn’t hard to see why people buy them.

In fact, they even managed to fit an ultra HD 4k touch screen into the latest blade. Alongside the usual stuff like Chroma, basically it is one of the fastest ultrabooks on the market. Once again, it comes as no surprise that people are constantly hyping the Blade.

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