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What Laptop Should I Buy For College?

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Introduction to the world of laptops for college

When you are taking your first steps into the big world it can be tough, and you are going to want to have a decent laptop. We based this article on the needs of an everyday student. You are most likely going to spend your days looking for deals, watching Netflix, and writing essays.

This article is not for those who are wanting a shiny new gaming laptop or a luxury laptop that is made out of gold. We wanted to find the cheapest, most reliable, and awesome looking laptops on the market.

What to look for in your new laptop for college?

Firstly this article doesn’t highlight how many deals there are on a daily basis for laptops. In the current day and age, there is always something for sale. As we recommend with all of our articles, you might want to take our recommended products with a pinch of salt. Look for deals on Amazon or in local shops. Compare the price of the product on multiple sites.

When looking for a new laptop you are going to want to buy from a big brand as they’ll usually have the best warranty options. And for those who know nothing about laptops or computers? We really recommend finding something that has an awesome battery life, in fact it is one of the things we think makes a decent laptop for your education.

Having undertaken the journey of education myself, I shudder when I look back on my adventures looking for a plug socket during a lecture. The sheer power of a laptop? Well, most of the time you are going to be writing notes and essays.

Depending on your course this might change, but for the most part, find a screen size you like with a good battery life. Any laptop that uses Intel based hardware is another step in the right direction.

And lastly, I personally buy laptops based on the quality of the keyboard. Because you are going to spend a large amount of time typing? Why not go and try it out in a store before you purchase.

Other tips to save money on your new laptop for college?

One of the best times to purchase yourself a new laptop for university or college is right before classes start. All of the large companies are going to attempt to market their products to you! If you play your cards right, there are some sweet deals to take advantage of.

Some companies will also offer a discount if you have a valid student card, like Apple. It is worth asking around and googling when you are nearly ready to purchase your new laptop.

How much to spend on your laptop for college?

This really depends on your budget, and your needs. But we recommend spending the smallest amount possible. It might sound silly, but you’ll spend a huge amount of time moving around your laptop, throwing it in bags, taking it to the library, and it will get abused.

For most, their laptop will survive the gauntlet of higher education. But the vast majority will either spill drinks on their laptop or drop something heavy on it after a long night out on the town.

You can find some very reasonable laptops for under £300 which will see you through university if you are careful, but don’t chance an expensive laptop.

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