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Which is best laptop for programming?

By December 18, 2016 No Comments


Are you planning on buying a laptop to hit the code? With so many products on the market this decision is not one you should make without proper research. Buying a new laptop with the sole intent of programming can be one of the toughest choices ever.

Choosing a laptop for coding isn’t actually that tough of a job. But there are a few things that you need to make sure it has. The first thing you are going to be looking for is the screen, it needs to have a nice contrast ratio to ensure text is clear and punchy on your IDE.

The next thing we usually look for is an SSD to ensure that programs compile and load efficiently at the speed of light. It will also ensure that the day to day opening and closing of various programs is fast, thus saving you time on a daily basis. ±±±±±±

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