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Which is the best laptop for Photoshop?

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Are you looking to purchase yourself a new laptop with the sole intent of photoshopping into the early hours? We put together this guide for you.

In recent years the requirement for having a computer that has some power behind it has grown exponentially with the software we use becoming more and more prevalent in our everyday lives.

Photoshop is most likely one of the widest used pieces of software. Almost every creative profession in some shape or form will require photoshop skills from time to time.

What are you looking for?

When it comes to a laptop that is built for photoshopping there are a few things to consider. In this section we will talk about all the qualities that make a fantastic laptop for photoshopping on the go.

Screen Size & Weight

If you are looking for a portable laptop you are much better off choosing a 13.3″ laptop. The screen will be smaller but it will be easier to put into your bag. However, if you don’t mind carrying around something that is larger and heavier? Go the 17.3″ screens which boast the most real estate.

Power & Performance

For those who are after the best photoshop experience, we recommend the best components that your budget can afford. Laptops that have more RAM, and faster processors like the i5 & i7 are perfect for Photoshop. It is also worth purchasing a laptop that comes bundled with a Nvidia GPU. This is because Photoshop can leverage the power to give a better user experience.

To SSD or not?

The last point that I really enjoy talking about is the fact that some of the laptops listed in this article come with and without an SSD. From a performance point of view, if you can afford something that has an SSD? Buy it. The performance increase is insane when compared to a standard mechanical drive.

Products We Love

In this section, you can find the full lists of products. This features products that are cheap, expensive, big screens, dedicated gpus, and much more. We like to give you the list so that if you see something that catches your eye, check it out!

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There are quite a few laptops that we would recommend for Photoshop that it comes down to a question of budget. If you want something light and portable, then go for a Macbook. They are by far the best when it comes to power in a portable package, and they look awesome! But they do cost a pretty penny.

On the flipside, some of the better-specced windows based laptops are actually more powerful and come with larger screens which can really take your photoshopping experience to another level. But they do come with a price, their insane weight.

If you are still struggling to find yourself a laptop that is perfect for Photoshop, leave a comment and we will do our best to help you find the perfect laptop!

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