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B&O Play Beoplay H9 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones Review

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Bang & Olufsen are one of the finest and most luxury audio brands on the market. If you are looking for the best of the best then you are in the right place. However, their products are usually among the most expensive audio products on the market.

These headphones however, are actually affordable. Coming from a company that has never spared any expense creating the best products you can expect great things. Their Beoplay H9 Wireless Headphones are aimed straight at those who don’t have thousands.


Offering a minimalistic yet aesthetically pleasing design. These headphones showcase incredible luxury whilst retaining some composure, not boasting who manufactured them. They almost remind me of a Bentley, reserved until their power is applied showcasing their tremendous and roar.

Crafted out of a solid piece of aluminum these stand out from everything on the market to date. These almost belong in an engineering museum.

Sound Quality

Offering superb sound quality, these headphones were built to offer users the most desirable audio experience since the invention of over ear headphones. Whilst this is subjective, we offer users the chance to add their opinion to our website below. But we think that the headphones offer an experience that is nearly on par with studio grade equipment.

Design & Comfort

Built with an aluminium design these headphones are light even though their appearance indicates that they would be on the heavy side. The fact the headband was created using metal gives a firm fit. Overall, there shouldn’t be many complaints with the design & comfort of these headphones.


For all those out there wanting the bespoke sound that is produced by Bang & Olufsen but without the substantial price tag, then this could be the pair of headphones for you.

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