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Akai A58032BL Classic On-Ear Headphones Review

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The Akai A58032BL headphones are aimed at the portion of the market who might not want to spend £300. Costing less than most people will earn for an hour of their time at work they don’t break the bank.  Interestingly the warranty option is actually better than some premium brands, and with a 3-year guarantee you can rest assured there shouldn’t be any mechanical faults.

Closer Look

Akai have based their design upon headphones from the 1940s. A slim stainless steel band provides the pinch, ensuring the headphones stay tight to your head, and the leather strap ensures it sits upon your head comfortably. The circular headphone cups are large enough to suit most, but aren’t the lightest, or smallest on the market. On the side of the product, you can detach the headphone cable which is great for those who are concerned about breaking their 3.5mm.

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Price History

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Should you buy?

Breaking into the budget market is the Akai A58032BL, for what you pay and based on the facts it seems like a great deal. For those wanting something that is stylish, trendy, and seemingly one of a kind it is a fantastic product.

Where can you buy?

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