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Which Duvet For Winter?

By December 8, 2016 No Comments

Are you looking to buy yourself a nice toasty duvet for the coming winter months? Be careful about what you choose because you could end up feeling too hot or too cold depending on your personal preferences. All duvets have a tog rating which is how the thermal insulation of a product is tested. Actually, it is how well the product can trap warm hair!

The higher the tog rating the warmer the product. So if you are one of those sleepers who sometimes finds they get abnormally hot even when it is freezing, the thickest duvet might not be the best idea. Sleeping through the night peacefully is important, thus keeping your body the right temperature is an important part of choosing a duvet.

There are other factors to consider because some duvets have different properties. For example, a hollow fibre or synthetic duvet will retain a large amount of heat without being dense.

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