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Welcome to our latest review of a gadget everyone should have. The world moves on and cars are everywhere, and protecting your car with video footage is something very few consider. However if you own an expensive car, or simply live in a country full of vehicle fraud then you’ll probably want to read on. Let me first start this review by saying why on earth would you want to spend nearly £200 on a Dash cam? Well in the UK it costs a huge amount to insure your car, and if you are in an accident you can usually say good bye to that no claims bonus you have spent years and years building up. But what if you are not at fault? Well, how do you go about proving that?

The answer is with a Dashcam. Mio produce some awesome products and I was super excited to test out the MiVue 658 Dash Cam. So much so I have been using for several months before deciding to write the review, just to ensure it didn’t have any faults. I can safely say that this is one of the best products on the market to date.


2.7 Inch Touch Screen

Offers true ease of use: intuitive and user friendly

Extreme HD recording

with the latest H.264 technology for high quality videos at a smaller file size

Integrated WIFI

easily send your videos to your smartphone for back up, or share your experiences on Facebook via the MiVue app.

Safety Camera Warnings

Free safety camera data with monthly updates for the lifetime of your device, so you’ll always know where to drive extra carefully*

*Excludes France, Switzerland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia. Safety camera updates for the lifetime of your device.

GPS Tracking

automatically records your driving information, including speed, altitude, longitude, latitude and heading.

Wide Viewing Angle

140° wide-angle lens to capture every detail at critical moments

Bright F1.8 lens

This results in brighter and clearer videos, even in low light conditions.

3-Axis G-Sensor

When the G-sensor detects sudden motion, MiVue will save and lock the event recording to protect it from being deleted/overwritten. The integrated 3-axis Sensor records G-forces, which show the direction and force of accident impacts.

Rotating Mount Design

Mount is easily rotated to any desired angle for video evidence collection

Parking Mode

motion detection activates and records from a parked car with no driver present*

*Requires constant power supply accessory Smartbox, available separately.

Switch to photo mode

Use the dash cam as a camera for close-up accident evidence collection. The pictures include your GPS coordinates, so you know the exact location of what happened

Speed Alarm

offers a sound alert if you go over the speed limit

Event recording mode

Record critical moments with the Event Recording Mode. When the 3-axis G-Ssensor detects an event of sudden changes in motion, MiVue instantly saves a protected files for future analysis.

Auto power on

The MiVue 658 WIFI starts recording when you turn the key to start your car. You can even choose to have the device always on recording, which is possible in vehicles with constant power supplies.

MiVue Manager

Intuitive interface allows you to browse recorded videos with speed control. Records your driving directions with a 3-axis G-Sensor for post accident analysis. Combine videos and share them to social media sites like YouTube™ & Facebook®. Track your routes with the GPS receiver. Play video with tracks on Google Maps.


The footage produced by the MiVue 658 Touch Dash Cam can be seen below, please note we compressed down to 720p for YouTube / Bandwith reasons. But as you can see the quality is still fantastic even in low light conditions. The footage is also usually watermarked with the time / location and speed.


Firstly let me say, I did use the product in a variety of positions and my final opinion is the dashcam should be mounted as low down as possible. Whilst this might not give the best coverage of the road, with the wide angle lens a huge amount of the road is covered. It is also illegal in some countries to have objects high up on the windscreen, so I opted to place the MiVue 658 Touch Dash Cam on the left of the car away from the drivers side.


However, this depends on a few things, like the style of the car and what other gadgets you have. Aside from that, setup is very straight forward; simply mount the device using the suction cup and plug the charger into your 12v power socket. You can install two micro SD cards into the product which can provide a huge amount of storage, from that point though? The device is set up and will start recording.

The device is built around a touch screen which makes navigation incredibly simple, you can also take still images should you require any “evidence”.

Talking about all of this recording, what can we actually do with it? Using the application Mio have developed called the “MiVue Manager” we can browse through all of the footage and even get details on the location and speed. The most interesting data it records is actually the g-force the car experiences, which can help a lot in the eventuality you do have an accident.

One further point I wanted to make about the product in this section was about placement of the product. I did manage in another car (with a slightly less resilient interior) to route the cable around without it being obtrusive, through the pillars / roof. Whilst I would not recommend this, if you plan on a 24/7 dash cam? It might be worth seeing if you can hide the cable so you can run it around your cars interior.


It is safe to say the Mivue 658 isn’t short of any fancy features, in fact this is one of the most feature-packed products on the market that I could find. But does this make it an amazing dash cam? Well for the sake of this review I took myself back to a car accident I personally had a few months, and remembered the ordeal of insurance. The MiVue 658 is a drop in the ocean in terms of cost when compared to repairing a car if an insurance company can’t find the other driver at fault (even if it was their fault).

Should the worst happen you can simply send off the video footage of what actually happened ensuring everyone in the accident is fairly compensated, for instance if a driver crashes into you because of another driver’s actions – you have the proof even if there is no physical evidence it happened. So the product might seem expensive, but the fact it records in super HD quality and fantastically in low light conditions you will be hard pressed to find such good alternatives.

And during the entirety of this review I left out other small features that make this product complete. This particular dash cam records telemetry data that can pin point the exact direction and position of your car making it invaluable in insurance cases. The MiVue 658 Touch Dash Cam can even tell you if your car is crashed into whilst parked, and this is why I think the product is a great option for anyone thinking about purchasing a dash cam. We have tested this for several months and I can’t fault the product in any way, so I’m really happy to award Mio a 5/5 for the 658 dash cam.

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