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Welcome to another buying guide from Simply Awesome Products. With each of our guides, we spend hours, days, weeks, months, years even, researching the most awesome products on the market.

In this buying guide, we will be exploring the fun world of gaming desks. I’m sure anyone reading will understand how important having a kick ass gaming setup can be, which is why we couldn’t wait to create this post for you guys.

Gaming Desk Comparison

If you don’t like reading? This table outlines the top ten gaming desks that we love. If you scroll down further, we have broken down the best gaming desk guide into a few sub-topics to outline different types of desks at various price points.

Examples Of Gaming Setups

In this section of the guide we wanted to explore gaming rooms that others have made. This will help you to decide exactly what you want.

Photograph and Setup by Lrnflk on Reddit

Photograph and Setup by Lrnflk on Reddit

Gaming Desk Buying Guide

If you are going to make the hunt for a new gaming desk these are a few tips to take along with you. They will help you find the best gaming desk possible for the money.


On the market there are so many different types of material that a desk can be made of. Each with benefits, some with disadvantages.

We like to start off with the obvious statement though. Choosing a desk shouldn’t be about the material, it should be about how you find it visually and how it fits in with your gaming den.

However, there are wooden desks which vary from rustic vintage white washed wood to the birch desks. These can come in various types of wood be sure to read the full description of the item that you plan on purchasing.

It is also worth noting that some of the desks on the market are actually fake materials, for example, laminated.


There are some interesting designs on the market, which can open up some really cool features that’ll make your day to day life that little easier.

Whether this is cable management or handy draws, think about what you want from your desk before you purchase it.

Once upon a time I thought that the corner desk was the perfect thing for me! Turned out all I wanted was a wooden desk which looked rustic.


Lastly, why should you actually buy a gaming desk? In all honesty, a great desk will change your life.

If you are like me and you spend hours on the computer then it is nice to almost have a little place that is yours.

A great gaming desk will reflect your personality and make all of those little tasks easier, and more comfortable.

Budget Gaming desks – Between £0 & £100

For those on a budget. Just because you don’t have cash to splash it doesn’t mean you can’t get an awesome gaming desk. There is a huge amount of variety out on the market which will bring your next budget gaming den to life.

Recommended Gaming Desks – Between £0 & £250

You could consider this to be the “Best pick” category for this article. However, we wanted to keep this price bracket below £250 as we considered this to be the general number that most would be willing to spend on their new gaming desk.

High-End Gaming Desks – £250+

In this section of the article, we jump into the high end gaming desk category. Everything in this section is the best of the best. We removed the upper limit and wanted to find the coolest, most unique desks.

Corner Gaming Desks

Gaming Desk For Three Monitors

Gaming Desk For Couples

Dream Gaming Desks

To finish this article we wanted to highlight some of the custom gaming desks on the market which people have made themselves, or simply cost so much most people wouldn’t be able to afford. Titled appropriately, these are our dream gaming desks.

Browse More Gaming Desks

We did say that we were finished, but if you somehow managed to make it down to the bottom of this article and still haven’t seen anything that really stands out, these are a few more awesome gaming desks that you might want to consider.


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