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Which Corsair Water Cooler Is Best?

By December 12, 2016 No Comments

Help, which Corsair water cooler is the best?

With so many water cooling units on the market we understand how it can be slightly confusing. Corsair have churned out new products every few months for several years. But what do they all do? What one do you choose?

If you are dead set on buying a Corsair product we wanted to say that you have made the right choice. Due to the sheer number of products that they have developed we think it is safe to assume that they have development locked down. In fact, it is hard to recommend any other water cooling units. But once again, what do you choose!?

How do they work?

With an all in one CPU cooler a small pump circulates water through a radiator and over a heatsink attached to the CPU. This moves the heat away from the core components into the radiator which dispels the heat.

120mm or 240mm radiator?

When choosing the perfect cooler for your gaming PC it is worth considering how much space you have. The bigger the radiator the more heat you can dissipate safely. With Corsair they sell several variations of the 120mm and 240mm radiator which have different depths, allowing for more heat to be dissipated with less usage of the fans.

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