I like to think that ultralight backpacking is one of those things that is for the true minimalist. There is something about having the bare minimum to survive that makes life so much more exciting.

But packing light also makes it feel like you are free. No longer will your back complain, and everything will just feel so much easier, making your travelling experience more enjoyable.

Make a list of everything you think you’ll need and pack it into your bag then go for a walk.

One of the best things you can do is to pack your bag with everything you think you’ll need. Then put yourself in the situation and see what you are missing or what you don’t use.

It might seem a little silly, but the exercise showcases what you do and don’t need.

Pack lighter, with lighter gear

Preparation is key, and once you know exactly what you’ll be taking it might be worth weighing all of your gear and then seeing if there are any lighter alternatives.

For example, instead of taking a heavy cotton towel, consider a microfiber towel. Basically, everything, even down to the shoes you wear should be lightweight if possible.

If you can help it, don’t take heavy electrical gadgets like cameras, tablets, and personal computers. They also add weight. Ultralight backpacking is one of the most ludicrous yet enjoyable ways to see the world.

Don’t be afraid to buy as you go 

One of the other ways to really mix things up is to take the literal bare minimum and buy things as and when you need them. This will force you to really consider purchases, but it also means you’ll realise what you actually need.

For those who really enjoy the thrill of the open road, pack a few days worth of clothes and a good waterproof then hit the road.


The top tip is in essence, assess everything, constantly. Enjoy your travels!

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