Welcome to another Plexus Hub review, today well be taking a look at the Vodafone Smart Prime 6. Phones are everywhere these days and its hard to choose the correct one for your needs, and within budget. Weve attempted to simplify this issue by creating a short and digestible review that isnt full of bloat, just the facts. To start off and move forward, my first thoughts on the Smart Prime 6? I would say its aimed at budget users who might not be interested in something with 12 cores and a 4k screen, which isnt a bad thing. In fact its so cheap on Vodafone you can get it for free with a bundle for as little as £17, getting you an impressive 500 minutes, unlimited texts, 500mb data. But on Pay as you go this will set you back a mere £80 at the time of review.

Now I know what youre thinking, surely an £80 phone cant be that good? Well with this £80 phone you get an impressively specced phone running a quad core processor combined with 1gb ram and a gorgeous IPS 5 panel running at 720p. But the best thing about this phone aside from those awesome facts? Ive never tested a budget phone that has such impressive battery life which can literally last for days. This review is almost sounding too good to be true before even testing the product right? Well check out the quick video from Vodafone whilst we go and test the product to see how good it really is!


Based on the specifications of the phone we can see straight away the phone comes with a plethora of options to expand the uses of such a budget phone. For instance the product supports micro sd cards and options like GPS and Bluetooth, its so rare for such a budget phone to support bluetooth let alone micro sd cards. Although with technology getting cheaper and cheaper products seem to come out of the box with all the functionality weve grown accustom to.

Performance and testing

For performance and testing of we use a variety of benchmarking programs, then compile all of the data into one bar graph for the sake of quick reading. You can compare to a variety of devices to work out just how good this product is strictly in terms of raw performance, these programs stress the CPU and GPU to workout a score based on this.

Based on the performance, I can say for £80 it packs a punch. Its not the fastest thats for sure, but not bad, and with the benchmarks aside the general fluidity of the phone feels really nice. Backed up by its impressive screen size its such a pleasure to use! But lets move onto the Usability and design of the Vodafone Smart Prime 6. Because I can happily say that for the price your getting such an awesome user experience.

Usability and design

The design of this product is simply amazing, the first point I wanted to pick on was how the battery life just kept on going and going. With up to two days off a full charge I felt I didnt really need to carry around my 10,000 mAh battery pack like I feel I have to with most high-end phones. This is impressive given that some of my devices will barely last half a day because they run such hefty hardware, even my brand new Sony Xperia Z3C still struggles to last a full day on a single charge.

Moving on I love the aesthetics and general feel of the phone, it feels nice and sturdy and the right depth to just slide into your pocket. It doesnt feel big and bulky. although in comparison to my Xperia Z3C it feels quite big. However for the everyday user the phone is simply great to use, I would say that for those who arent used to larger phones it might be intimidating. However its just a simple design that works, similar to why I love the Moto X and Moto G, they feel nice in your pocket and to use which at the end of the day is very important. In comparison to for instance a Sony Xperia its a pleasure to use, with the Xperia feeling very square and not an extension of your hand!

Moving on to the audio and general features, youve got to remember this is an £80 phone. And I must admit the audio was okay for the value but not great, and the general camera quality is a little low for what I as a smart phone user have come to expect. However this is most likely down to my constant use of top-end phones, and in comparison to the Moto G it puts up a good fight with quality that wont bother you on a day to day basis. Its the sort of phone I think the market needs more of, simple cheap engineering that works without fancy gimmicks.

And lastly, I wanted to say that I swapped my phones over for the testing and did all the same things I do on my Xperia Z3C. This includes using it for sat nav whilst Im biking around, and music connected to my bluetooth headphones. Then during the day spotify and netflix all streaming on my unlimited 4g contract. It really is scary how little I missed my Z3C whilst using this phone, admittedly it feels slower.. but for the general user looking for a bargain this is a beast.


In conclusion the product is definitely an interesting one, its priced well and performs well. But I think its a tough call between the other phone I absolutely recommend when a user is on a budget, the Moto G. However the Moto G does cost a little bit more than the £80 Vodafone are asking for. And whilst the Smart Prime 6 is cheaper it doesnt pull any punches in the general design of the product. I really like that thought and passion has been put into creating this device meaning features like supporting additional storage have been included. Now from a reviewers perspective its very rare to get a product cheap find almost nothing you dont like about it. This really shows what an awesome job theyve done in creating this product. Now this is the little brother to the Ultra 6 which Ill be testing soon, so Im interested to see what that is like at the price point of the Moto G.

As with any android phone you get all the usual quirks which make it exceptional for use by anyone. In fact when I saw the price of this phone I was tempted to replace my old Samsung galaxy S2 with one of these. The general user experience is quite snappy and sharp and was only really sluggish under exceptional load, which if Im honest is understandable because it does cost £80.

The actual day to day use of the phone was one of the real selling points for me; its a large phone but this does not mean it compromises on the comfort of the user with its sloped surface designed to aid in gripping the device. And the screen is utterly fantastic for the price, I mean a 5 IPS panel that costs this little? Its amazing how theyve managed it. Whilst the colours did seem a little bland at times, this isnt a 4k Xperia screen. The buttons felt easy to use and actually the only real dislike I had was the size of the phone made it hard to reach the back button using one hand, but this is something of a trend in large screen phones.

Generally all of the other features like data connectivity and making phone calls worked nicely and I never found that many problems I wanted to bring up in this review. So its been a pleasure reviewing the product and I cant thank Vodafone enough for sending it over, a real reminder that price does not necessarily reflect the performance and design of a product if the company takes their time.

I will say that if you wanted to spend more cash, the Moto G is the next best budget phone, and I find it hard to not recommend the Smart Prime 6. But the Moto G will always be the better choice for a little bit more money in comparison to the performance gains. However with that said I feel that the Vodafone Prime 6 can happily walk away with our budget award! And a great rating.

However much Id like to leave this review on a good note though, there was one thing that really displeased me with the product. My other half actually really liked the phone, although this causes a small problem. The Smart Prime 6 is a Vodafone only product, that means for all those on different carriers? Well good luck finding this dime in a dozen, unless of course you move to Vodafone.

On a small sidenote we hope youve enjoyed the review, we really do appreciate the feedback on things you would like to see from us. This helps us better develop the content for you, the reader. You might have already noticed that our reviews are straight to the point without the fluff around the edges, this is to make the content easy to digest and give you a better idea of what the product is all about. We would love to talk all day about benchmarks and figures, but we would rather let you know how we found the product without having to read 5000 words, so we do hope you enjoy the new format of our reviews!


  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value
  • Inovation


The good?

Everything about this phone is awesome for the price, you literally can’t go wrong.

The Bad?

It’s a Vodafone only product! Meaning you can’t have this awesome phone unless you move, hint hint.


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Vodafone Smart Prime 6 Review

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