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Reviews of the Best Instant Print Camera for 2017


In my opinion, these are among the coolest products in the world that you can own. Once upon a time Polaroid came along and changed the way we perceived photography, in fact, they made it fun for everyone.

Rewinding a few years we didn’t have the digital ease of use that we have today. You couldn’t see what exactly what you had just taken a photo of, because you needed to get it printed. This eventually led to the death of the Polaroid camera, because it was the one device that could instantly print your photo after taking the shot.

This made it fun to take pictures, and the sheer thought of going to a printing studio a thing of the past. Once more, the digital revolution actually took this off the table. But, much like fashion, old technology is making a comeback. With a fresh lick of marketing paint and a plethora of portable instant print cameras on the market, users are going crazy for them.

An interesting way to capture memories we feel that the concept Polaroid bought into existence will remain around for a very long time. In this article we’ll be exploring the best products on the market, and what to look out for when purchasing your next instant print camera.

Buying Guide

Much like our other articles, we have written an exclusive buying guide to help you on the journey to finding the best instant print camera that your hard earn dollar can buy. Finding products worth your money isn’t always the easiest thing in the world.

How do they work?

I think one of the most interesting points to talk about is simply how they work. It can help you to find the perfect product. In essence the print is actually created when the shot is taken, and the paper inside the camera develops the shot. There are a few different types of print paper on the market, so take the time to research how much they cost, and the quality & size of the paper.

Cool Features to watch out for?

Some of the products on the market are very simple to use, and others are more complicated. Drawing on that retro ability to set the exposure and other settings, but this might not be something that you want. Often you just want to take a picture. The good news is the products that are slightly complicated are less common, and the crazy cameras with built-in filters are more common.

Best Instant Print Cameras

FujiFilm are big players in the instant print camera game, that much is clear from the sheer amount of products that they have on the market, and the number of those products which are mentioned on this article.

They set out with a mission to take people back in time to the days when film was cool, and photography wasn’t overcomplicated. It was a form of expression which didn’t require a degree in digital dejargonizing to achieve.

The Instax Mini 26 is one of the more interesting instant print cameras due to the compact format of the camera. I mean, there isn’t really much to the product is there? One of the things I love about this particular camera is the 60mm lens that is nice for those seeking portrait shots, and isolated shots of singular products. In essence, it won’t have that wide angle effect that a 10mm fixed lens will create, but who cares? These cameras are about having fun!

With a built in flash and some basic controls for adjusting the exposure of the photo, you can tweak each shot to your liking. In essence, this is a no thrills model that isn’t tough to carry around. And it comes in a variety of colourful formats which will ensure everyone can match their outfit with their new fashion accessory.

It sounds bad to say, but we love how the design is almost a little silly. The weird shapes and contours that run throughout the body of the camera don’t really make sense. And the addition of a selfie mirror just really adds to the silliness of this camera.

But is it silly? Or just a nice way to express yourself! And before we forget, the Instax Mini 26 utilises 2×3 inch film which can take about 90 seconds to print. The perfect size for remembering those memories that you’ll most likely cherish for the rest of your life.

At the end of the day, these instant print cameras allow you to capture memories in the moment and create a physical representation of that moment. What more could you want? The Instax Mini 26 is aimed at those wanting a compact and easy to use camera.

Polaroid Snap Touch

Taking a trip back in the time machine can be fun and the Polaroid Snap Touch takes you to relive your childhood memories, when the Polaroid was still in fashion. The Polaroid Snap Touch is a graceful combination of the digital medium alongside the classic technology that a generation fell in love with.

Built around an aesethic design that isn’t just functional, its fashionable. The image quality produced is perfect for those wanting quick snaps of their friends and family, or the beach a couple went for their first date on. The device itself is fairly straight forward to use, and this thought process has been applied to the Polaroid Snap Touch.

Point and click. That is the ethos behind the Polaroid Snap Touch. However, it does feature some interesting filters and a 3.5″ display and a MicroSD slot. We mentioned that harmony between digital and conventional, enter the Polaroid Snap Touch.

Other than these features, is it a good instant print camera? Obviously, it meets the criteria for being simple to use and the image quality is acceptable, but the most important thing? Printing. Making use of the latest generation of ZINK paper it can effectively transfer a digital format to a photo print within seconds, and the quality will please most.

We think that the Polaroid Snap Touch is the culmination of years of planning and the retro functionality that we all know and love. A truly well thought out product which doesn’t comprimise its integrity, it honours it.