Today we’ll be taking a closer look at the AUDIOMAX HB-8A headphones, Claybox very kindly provided us with todays review sample. The AUDIOMAX HB-8A headphones are bluetooth capable meaning you can take these out and enjoy your music without those annoying cables that seem to follow all geeks around, and rocking Bluetooth 4.0 these can produce a stable connection over a great distance. But let’s move onto what Audiomax have to say about their product, because who can explain this product better than them?

Exquisite Sound Quality

Streaming music, enjoying movies, and listening to your play list just got better, with the AUDIOMAX Wireless apt-X Bluetooth 4.0 Over-Ear Headphones. Now you can enjoy crystal clear, true CD quality sound from wireless headphones: apt-X Bluetooth is optimized to provide high fidelity audio, including crisp and perfect highs, dynamic mids, and deeply resonant bass that can literally move you!
Passive noise reduction technology keeps everything out except the audio you want to hear, to create the ultimate satisfying listening experience.

Ultimate Mobility and Portability for Active Listeners

AUDIOMAX Wireless apt-X Bluetooth 4.0 Over-Ear Headphones are lightweight, compact, and durable, built to withstand heavy use and keep on playing like brand new. They’re also foldable, to keep up with an on-the-go lifestyle.
Adjustable headband is designed to fit precisely on the ear, delivering a snug fit that is comfortable and precise.
Battery charges quickly and delivers long lasting performance to minimize downtime – up to 20 hours max play time from a single charge.

Streaming Music, Audio and Phone Controls at Your Fingertips

Controls are simple to use and place everything you need at your fingertips, including volume, microphone, pause, skip, and more. Use the microphone for voice-activated commands and hands-free use.

Product Warranty and A-to-z Guarantee, Plus FREE 2-Day Shipping

Each AUDIOMAX product comes with a 45-day money back; 18-month worry-free warranty.


  • Enjoy gorgeously rich sound, made possible by leading audio technology: perfect clear highs, dynamic mid-range, thumping bass; passive noise reduction isolates sound for an ideal listening experience
  • Snug, comfortable fit; adjustable headband maintains shape, is strong and secure; ultra-soft ear cushions deliver comfort for all-day-and-night use
  • Apt-X and Bluetooth CSR 4.0 allow 10 meter/33 feet range with full bandwidth transmission, no loss of audio performance; quick charge battery, up to 20 hours max play time per charge
  • Smart design, compact, lightweight; easy access to controls, including built-in microphone, volume, pause, skip, and telephone; use wireless or plugged in (cord included)
  • Compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 devices, including Bluetooth enabled TVs and tablets, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Samsung Galaxy / Edge / Note, Nexus, Android, HTC, LG, Nokia, Motorola, Windows Phone, more


Generally speaking, these headphones are perfect at the current price of £46 in terms of audio quality. The bass is punchy and doesn’t hold back at all, in fact you might want to be careful how loud you take these, because they will literally blow your mind. For all of my dubstep, drum and bass, EDM, these headphones felt so nice in that ever so important low range. I would say it wasn’t jumping off my head, but I don’t think that should be a benchmark for assessing the quality of headphones. In my eyes, great bass is what really adds that depth to the track, so you don’t want the other parts of the audio to be in its shadow, it should compliment the mids and highs. And the AUDIOMAX HB-8A Headphones produce some of the nicest bass I’ve heard at this price point in some time.

Treble is something we often think of as the second most important component, being the counterpart to bass, everything felt sharp and rich. I actually can’t say anything I disliked about these headphones, if anything I was surprised at such premium audio quality with a great price. The next thing I found incredible about the drivers they packed into the AUDIOMAX HB-8A Headphones? They simply refuse to distort, even after tweaking the EQ to push certain aspects of the range to another level.

Bottom line? Insanely good audio quality.


Firstly let me start this section by saying how surprised I was with the comfort of these headphones, given the cups are a rectangle design which can sometimes be slightly uncomfortable in comparison to generic round cup designs, but these simply feel amazing to wear on a daily basis. The band that connects the two cups is also soft but not overstuffed with foam, and this simple design just simply works. The cups themselves even swivel on their axis to allow for a tighter, more secure fit, something more expensive brands seem to forget about.

Apparently the actual band is made from Aluminium but there are many hints of plastic, but it doesn’t feel cheap and easy to break. I’d say these should last the test of time, regardless of how much you use them. You’ll also notice that you can control your phone via the panel on the side of the headphones, allowing you to answer calls using the built-in microphone, or simply change the volume.

Backing all of this up with up to 20 hours of playback, you get an awesome pair of cans that you can take out and about with ease. And from an aesthetics point of view, they’re gorgeous to look at.

Bottom line? Amazing to use and packed full of features.


So in conclusion, would we pay for the AUDIOMAX HB-8A Headphones. They are simply a great piece of kit, and I can’t recommend them enough. For the price you can’t really go wrong, but the Bluetooth at this price range was a real treat.

I would like to find some bad points about the headphones, but in truth I don’t think there are any. Amazing audio quality at a great price. For Audiophiles I think this is a pair of headphones that will surprise you, and for those who are new to the audio game? You can’t go wrong with these headphones, they’ll give you many years of easy listening.

Big thanks to Claybox for arranging this sample, if you want to check out their Amazon store you can here.

Bottom line? Buy them, you won’t regret it.

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